Mission and Vision

Our mission is:

  • To provide residents of the Southern Tier and New York state with access to timely, affordable, comprehensive psychiatric care, evaluation, and medication management.
  • To accomplish this while maintaining the integrity, professional standards of excellence, and humanity of providing such mental healthcare in a comprehensive assessment model.
  • To evaluate all that enter our practice with compassionate honesty, offering what in our medical opinion would be most helpful to their case after a thorough consultation.
  • To treat all with respect and dignity no matter their circumstances.
  • To provide a safe and ethical treatment environment for patients and staff. While maintaining adherence to these goals, including when a patient may need a higher level of care than our office can provide, to assist a patient in finding those appropriate resources should the need arise.
  • To do our best good possible for those that seek our services and to provide an honest impression of what treatment is possible, and to attempt to mitigate potential future concerns or exacerbations in symptoms.
  • To strive to the degree possible, to attain stability of symptoms for our patients.

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